“I want a Golden Goose Daddy”

Waiting for your Golden Goose You may be asking yourself as a pianist, teacher or student…. what does waiting around for good technique, playing endless Hanon exercises and Chopin etudes have to do with Golden Geese? It’s really quite simple in my mind, just ask Willy Wonka Golden Geese are special creatures. They require aContinue reading ““I want a Golden Goose Daddy””

Dracula and Injury avoidance…. is your technique a Pain in the Neck?

“No Pain No Gain” is a motivating phrase to your average vampire. It’s just an occupational hazard that the pain is someone else’s problem. For a pianist, “No pain no Gain” should NOT BE an occupational hazard… EVER! We all know that pain is never a good sign when we are practicing, right? Did youContinue reading “Dracula and Injury avoidance…. is your technique a Pain in the Neck?”

How to stay at P-E-A-K performance level! (Practice Made Perfect!)

Actually, there is a reason it happens. Your brain gets bored. You need to wake it up again when you practice, so here are some tips which have helped many of my students to avoid these problems and keep pieces in tip top shape:

Welcome to new age pianists and thinkers….

Piano Mastermind will teach you to use sight, sound, energy efficiency and mental mastery in piano performance. Please feel free to leave comments on our PianoMastermind Facebook page, follow the Blog and request new articles on any topic… any time! If there is a song you would like to hear me play, just let meContinue reading “Welcome to new age pianists and thinkers….”