“I want a Golden Goose Daddy”

Waiting for your Golden Goose

You may be asking yourself as a pianist, teacher or student…. what does waiting around for good technique, playing endless Hanon exercises and Chopin etudes have to do with Golden Geese? It’s really quite simple in my mind, just ask Willy Wonka


Golden Geese are special creatures. They require a lot of work, and you must wait around for them to mature…. only then will they start to lay their golden eggs for you!  But you must be willing to do the preparatory work, put in the hours, be patient and accept failures along the way.

When the parents or students are not educated about the amazing things golden geese can do after years of practice and showing up, bad things happen. Sometimes bad eggs happen.  Just ask Veruca……

Truth be told, there is nothing in the law of nature, nothing in the process of reaping and sowing that includes instant gratification. A long term investment is always what reaps the reward of the harvest. There is a waxing and waning period for every moon, and planting and growing season for flowers, and learning and knowing time for every knew skill.

Pianists are trained and taught, not entertained and bought.  We cannot master a thing with a new shortcut, without a sacrifice of significance on our behalf. It’s called balance. We cannot have what we don’t give…. which in this case would be discipline and wisdom.  A great student and pianist knows that hours of preparation and perspiration pay the price at any performance, and provide the confidence inside to perform at a peak level, anytime for anyone.

You just know that now is the time you are ready. It’s okay to “want it now” when you’ve paid in advance. Preparation is always worth it’s weight in gold.




Published by pianomastermind

I have taught and shaped musicians for 30 years. I am a pianist with unique insights about people, communication and multi-tasking while practicing. I am a 6th generation student in the pedigree of Beethoven and am a passionate musical performer.

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